Powder Coatings

These coatings allow for a smooth aesthetic appearance. They are electrostatically applied.

They are applied and then set in a 6m box oven which is thermostatically controlled.

Hereford Coatings operates as a smaller business so customers are able to benefit from a quick turnaround with a product that has a consistent finish.

Powder Coating Examples Of Projects Gallery

Powder Coated Metal Panels   Metalic Poder Coated Wheels 
Custom Designed Powder Coated Garden Gate    Powder Coated Bars 
Garden Trolley Powder Coated    Powder Coating Red 

Powder Coating Before and After Images 

Motorbike Part Before  Motorbike Part Blasted  Motorbike Part Powder Coated After 
Lorry Chasey Before  Lorry Chasey Blasted  Lorry Chasey After 
Powder Coat Metal Frames Blue Before    Powder Coat Metal Frames Blue After 
Powder Coat Life Size Air Fix Before    Powder Coat Life Size Air Fix Frames